Friday, May 02, 2008

Meme Me

Katie over at GardenPunks tagged me for this one earlier this week. A wee meme to send us off to the weekend...yay!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Hubby (long-term sweetie, at the time) and I had just moved back to our roots from our beloved, debauched New Orleans. I started working for the company for which I still work. I guess I am stable after all.

My to-do list/What I actually did recently

My to-do list is so enormous. Truly. But here is a sampling...

Get important papers together.
Make an emergency contact list.
Clean the garage.
Start the compost pile.
Get my hair cut.
Find a new doctor.
Study for my final exam.
Change my blog header

What I really did...

Made an emergency contact list.
Made an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow (yay!!!)
Tried to study last night but Kidlet was being a pill and wouldn't go to sleep. I heard her padding out of her room at 9:40, "Mama! I'm lonely!" Mama's patience had run out about a half hour previous. At ten, she went to sleep and about 10:15, I followed suit.

Snacks I enjoy

Oh, I love thee. And how you make my tummy hurt.
Cheese. I can't live without cheese.
And fruit. I always try to bring fruit to work so that I don't sneak out to the snack machine to buy the aforementioned chips and experience the tummy ache.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

We would make a big family homestead. Keep sheep and spin wool. Give buckets of money away to help the plight of the honey bees. Become a bee keeper. Help Kidlet's school start a huge garden ala Alice Waters.

3 bad habits

Being a cranky old lady
Stressing (can I stress this enough? Ha ha...)

5 places I've lived

Omaha, NE
Dillon, CO
Palo Alto, CA
New Orleans, LA
Reno, NV

5 jobs I've had

Dog Washer
Cook in a restaurant where the servers were Asian transvestites
Registrar for art galleries
Maid (starting at the tender age of 12)
Hologram salesperson

5 people who have interesting blogs that I'd like to tag

Me, I'm just going to tag a couple of homegirls...

Madre Adoptiva
Coyote Craft

Join in, if you like!

Have a splendid weekend, crossing things off your very own to-do list and not doing things on your to-do list like basking in the sun or watching the Kentucky Derby (argh! I think my hair appointment is at the same time as the race!).


raining sheep said...

Asian transvestites? I really don't know what to say...very interesting...can't say I have had any interesting work environments like that. I was a maid too for a long time - except that I did not get paid for it - now I have a housekeeper - I pay her :)

Anonymous said...

That's a darn cute meme!