Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CSA June 13th

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Ok, I promise next week the photo will be MUCH better. It's just hard when you get home with the 'veggie box' and the little kid wants to dive right in and check it out and eat one of your two peaches.

Each week there's a note enclosed with the veggies, giving ideas for what to do with your veggies as well as notes from the growers and organizers. I was really sad with the note this week because there apparently was much grumbling over the content of the boxes. C'mon folks, when you signed up, there was a huge disclaimer stating that the farmers could not control nature and that we might not even receive anything on some weeks. This is the first year for this CSA and I'm really excited and happy to be a part of it. I'm happy I received anything at all this early in the season. This week's greens are better than last week's batch, much more succulent and less bitter. The remaining peach needs another couple days before perfection. Can't wait to dive into the kiwi, but I will share that with hubby and Ruby. The eggs..can't say much more about the eggs but YUM.

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