Friday, June 30, 2006


I'd love to have a ton of thistles growing in the yard. Here we have the typical purple version but there's also a magical scarlet thistle with silver foliage. I used to see the scarlet version when I was a runner on the trails and I always told myself I wanted to have my hair that color. One day I did end up with that hair color. This was way back when I used to go to a fabulously talented and kooky hairgirl and but that hair color...well, it made me cry when I got home. Good for thistles, not so good for Anis. I finally grew to love the wild clown red hair though because little kids used to point at me and whisper to their mothers "wow...!" But I digress, back to the thistle. I think they are a little too thorny and a little too short-lived to make it worth while for the yard. Besides, we have enough 'pointy ouch' plants in our possession.

Slowly working on my my first tiny guerilla art project. Can't talk to much about it yet. Hush, hush sweet Ani.

Haven't gotten much knitting time in as work has been dragging its ass home with me lately. I did bring it along with me today for when I go eat lunch at Carolina Kitchen BBQ. The catfish is fabulous.

Maybe it's time to think about hitting Pyramid Lake this weather, tawny desert and a turquoise jewel of a lake. Ahhh...

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Anonymous said...

How many thistles to the ton?