Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Snappy Dresser

box o snaps
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Now I am the proud(?) owner of a box of snap bits. If I can keep these out of Ruby's reach until I'm sure she won't eat them or put them up her nose, I may be able to use them for crafty projects. It's crazy how many of these are available; they were giving away huge shipping boxes full of these.

Aside from snaps, I've been thinking about guerilla goodies. I have some ideas up my sleeve (taken from Wish Jar Journal) but I best not reveal anything until I've got a few out of the way. Sometimes I just want to drop out of school so I can do more fun stuff. I'd love to get into the guerilla gardening scene. There's an old big brick planter/gate dealie at the entrance to our neighborhood that is long neglected, crumbling and full of weeds. I'd love to do some planting there. Maybe when I finish this class at the end of October (my estimated finishing/freedom date) I can get it cleaned up and throw some seeds in there for next season.

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