Monday, June 05, 2006

Ruby Weekend

Up and down sort of weekend.

I had a great time sitting in the backyard with the wee one, blowing bubbles--one of my/our new favorite pastimes. I had some cool photos to post but alas, the weekend is now gone and we'll see if I have to time to doctor up the ones I took. But I digress.

We also had fun planting plants. I wish I could give the yard as much energy as it deserves but I have to choose my battles. At least I was able to mostly finish weeding the front yard so it looks a little less white trash. Just got to fix the front door and we'll almost look respectable. Anyway, I am super happy with the plants I got for the front entry barrel. I guess anything would look better than dead daffodil stems but my tropicalesque theme really came together nicely and I'm happy. Ruby was deft with the shovel and kindly allowed me to borrow her yellow sandpail shovel. I love working on projects with her, showing her little things that she can do to help. She always looks so proud. Even though the cute factor is huge at this point, I am really looking forward to the magic age when she'll really be helping out. Instead of only putting the sprinkles on the cupcakes, she'll be measuring flour and melting butter.

Now for the bad. That child won't listen to me! The dogs knew I was super super pissed off but Ruby gave me a sly smile and giggled. I shout, "No, slamming the rickety sliding glass door is BAD! It's going to break and hurt you!" SLAM! followed by RUBY saying "you need a time out." I don't think the time out thing is working. Not. At. All. Back to ye olde distraction techniques.

Maybe I'll forgo homework (yay!) and knitting (sigh) to put up a couple photos tonight.