Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CSA June 6th

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"Veggie Box! Veggie Box!"

This was Ruby's rallying cry. She even made up a song. "Veggeeeeeeee BOX!!!! Veg-gee box..."

Yesterday was the first pick up from our CSA Group (Community Sponsored Agriculture). We drove to The River School, an old plant nursery turned hippie haven. Chicken coop, beautiful gardens, crazy dome built in to the side of a hill, massage studio, dance studio and gardening school--I want to live there. Anyway, we arrived at the appointed time, Ruby is about to burst with excitement and...the veggies have not arrived. "Where's veggies? WHERE'S VEGGIES?!" Tears well up in Ruby's eyes. I tell her we'll come back in a few minutes as I work just around the corner and I have work to finish up. Much fussing and crying, fifteen minutes and quick trip to work later...veggie box is ours.

Stir Fry mix, cilantro, strawberries, eggs, spinach, arugula, salad mix and radishes. The strawberries are little gems and the eggs...beautiful.