Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day of the Daddy

For the past three Father's Days I haven't had a blog but had considered hijacking for the day to extol the virtues of Greg's daddying skills. However, my Dreamweaver skills are not so hot. Now I've got three Father's Days worth of stuff to talk about. Oh my. Maybe I'll just make this simple. In the beginning, he just jumped right in, waking up with me every night multiple times and changing all the diapers, all the while holding my hand as I was sobbing with hormone-driven angst. He selflessly quit school for a year to take care of Ruby when our daycare gave Ruby the boot. He is engaged and tender with that little kid. He has so many plans for future fun that include teach Ruby how to fish and trips out to look at the stars at night. I can't wait to see where we are headed. I am so proud of you, Greg. Happy Daddy's Day.

And to another Papa, I sure as hell miss you. You were a good one.


Anonymous said...

I love you so much.
Thank you,


The Whole Self said...

so awesome. what great pics, too!

i can't find your email right now, but i wanted you to know that i received your delicious package and it was the BEST ever! you went totally over the top and i felt so spoiled and wonderful by all your thoughtful treats. my favorites are the fondling-yarn (i love touching yarn, not so good at knitting yet), the recipe (which i'm not kidding you i've made three times already- my clan LOVES it) and the deer drawing. this is going to sound crazy but it looks exactly like my husband, tie and all. that gave us a good laugh. thank you so much for swapping. i feel like a real chump with my dinky package to you- thank you thank you thank you!