Monday, July 03, 2006

The Excitement is Building...

We are going on a trip. Sure, it's only an overnighter down to Sacramento to go to the zoo, but dang! It's the first time we've left town in about 3 years! Yes, this could be very interesting. Ruby has never slept away from home. We'll be messing with her nap schedule. But the animals! Eating out! Fairytale Town! I can't freaking wait. Listmaking must commence.

I have to make the hotel reservation today--I've been hemming 'n hawing over which fancypants hotel we are going to. I've been reading all the reviews and there are always 95% awesome reviews and then the horror story review that makes you want to do a 180 and run away screaming. Dried feces on the sheets? Come on! You can't be serious. But I am afraid. The last trip we took was back to our former hometown, New Orleans. We had the hotel room from hell so I know can happen to me too (sans poop on the sheets).

This wasn't a Motel 6 where your expectations are naturally lowered. It was a real Hotel in the Quarter. I got the package deal off Expedia and it all seemed good. We get there, check in...and our room is on a hallway that is right between the bar and the elevator. Just beyond the elevator is the bathroom to the bar. As it was Saint Patty's day, there were drunks parading up and down the hallway all night long, hitting the alarm in the get the picture. We requested a different room early in the evening but with it being Saint Patty's, they were totally booked. It got marginally better as the week went on, but it was never great. The fact of being back 'home' did make up for a lot of the room's shortcomings. Sadly, I'll probably never get 'back home' again. It's a different city entirely, as they've chased off about 60% of the population. I hope to take Ruby there someday but it won't be the same place. But they do have a kickin' aquarium and zoo--hopefully that won't change too.

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