Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Happy Sigh

(Photo removed by me--cute kid on beach)

What a nice weekend. I did just about everything that I set out to do, excepting pancakes and a coffee shop trip (oh yeah, and painting the bathroom). As you can see, we made it to a lake. My favorite lake in the world as a matter of fact--Pyramid Lake. It is amazing for a couple reasons: it's a lake in the middle of the desert and is also a remainder of the inland sea that once covered the western US. It's a most spiritual place. Ruby took to it happily. She has been out before as a baby, but this was the first time in the water. We had so much fun. She laughed heartily when she saw hubby swimming about--she thought that was just about the neatest thing ever. Ahhh, Lake, how I have missed you. We need to get out more.

I am currently doing a little homework avoidance, but I did get some done this weekend. I hung out with my Mama and had fun (as always) and saw hubby's fam too. We saw friends and ate a stack of Tuna Melts and drank wine. I did a little crafty browsing at the local shops but didn't find what I wanted (EXCEPT FOR THE MATERIALS FOR YET ANOTHER SNEAKY PROJECT--TEEHEE!). I will go hit online-shopping-land for the shirt paint and fabrics for totes sometime this week.

I love the satisfaction of having the happy blend of getting stuff done with a bundle of fun. Hope y'all had a nice one too. Now if it would just cool off from these inferno-like conditions we are experiencing (or if we get an air conditioner or swamp cooler), then I will be completely happy.


The Whole Self said...

what a nice post, mama. oooh, we're with you on the hottttness- it's so stinkin' hot here.

constant little sucking breastfeeding piglet + 100 degree temps = one cranky mama

Anonymous said...

I want to swim until October.