Friday, July 28, 2006

Ruby, Weekend and Other Goodness

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Here we are, the weekend again. And boy am I glad. I've had a serious case of crankiness (ahem, pms) and am hoping that it is on the wane. A good weekend should chase those hormones away, right?

This weekend we are talking about going to our other local lake, in the mountains this time. I also hope to do some crafty goodness. I've started designing the stencils for my t-shirt projects. I'm hoping that my Dick Blick (that name cracks me up) order shows up since its got my stencil paint (and moleskeins!). I've finally finished fixing all the screw-ups on the interminable sock. Still school-working but am getting a lot done so I might be done in October instead of November (huge horray!).

Our photo today is Ruby's lone seed that flowered. And her cute little hands grabbing at it.

Happy weekend, all. Hopefully I will be able to scan some of my stencil images this weekend for posting.

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Anonymous said...

You wanna go see my seeds? You wanna go see my fuswowuh?