Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CSA July 11

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Oh my, the carrots are sweet sweet sweet! I cut them up for a gazpacho tonight. Also threw in the lil' cukes and some radishes. Other goodies received: baby beets with greens, stir fry mix (I gotta start thinking of a good use for this), mixed greens, snap peas (YUM), eggs and assorted squash.

So far the CSA hasn't been the big money saver I thought it might be since I still have to supplement our weekly haul with grocery store goods. On the other hand, it has been good for the sort of farmer's market produce I may have augmented our groceries with. Not all the stuff I like (ie. stir fry mix--bitter!) and I'm wishing for more fruit but I really can't complain. Most of the 'feel good' aspect is in the fact that I am supporting local farmers in their endeavor to buck the factory farm system. Cheers!

Hope I didn't alienate anyone in that last post. Hubby said it may have been a little off-putting when I was thinking of it as more of a 'how do I get more time into my life since the panic attack thing is getting out of hand'. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers and a big hug to you if I did! I actually went back and reread it and as it didn't read how I felt, I did a little editing.

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