Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to the Beach

back to the beach
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Ok, so we didn't go to the mountain beach after all. The desert's siren song just keeps pulling us back to Pyramid. As you can see it was sunny. The water, the sky and Ruby's swimsuit were all blue. It's funny, looking at this photo, Ruby could be 8 years old. Wild. I'm trying to mindful of all these little moments we share together as a little family so I will be able remind myself of them when Ruby turns 14 and hates me (as teens are wont to do, sigh).

Felt a little under the weather this weekend so I didn't get as much of the creative stuff done as I had wished. I'm finding the majority of the t-shirts I've been getting for free from work are too small (we make clothing for the petite, apparently) so they'll fit my friend perfectly but not amazonian me. I started cutting one of my stencils and realized (duh) that I was cutting out my whole shape, making for uber-difficult stenciling. And my utility knife was really wobbly too. Did a little knitting though and more dreaming of new projects. I decided I need to start collecting Viewmaster reels. I also decided need to make Viewmaster reels that document stories made from as-yet-unmade dioramas and stuffed animals. Ok, the second of the Viewmaster dreams will need to occur in about 12 years, when a certain kid hates me and doesn't want all my time.

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emma said...

Hi there! Just came along to nose around after seeing your comment on my site. Your daughter and dog are both very cute! I hope to have the jumper finished soon before it gets too warm. Brisbane gets very humid and sticky in the summer.