Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CSA July 18

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Well, this week was a little less than stellar. The exciting stuff were the fluffy bunch of basil, a couple of cukes and three wee baby carrots. The never-ending stir fry green mix (why couldn't it be never ending berries or peaches?), a ton of romaine and a few zukes rounded out the bag. Ruby is playing egg inspector. Only one didn't pass due to droppage.

Doggie stress is on a roller coaster right now. We heard Miss Nora has grade 2 cancer which really means it's anyone's guess. They got all the cancer off her leg but we need to be extremely vigilant to make sure no other lumpy bits show up. That's where the roller coaster comes in. I have seen a little mole on her other side in the past and now they are talking surgery again today. It's so small that we couldn't even really find it last night except for the hair pattern is funky there. It seems like too much to put a dog through surgery again just one week after being put out for a big surgery. How much is too much? She's just a little dog. So it is all up in the air. Climbing that first roller coaster hill, so slowly, click-click-click...almost at the top...holding our breath...what will we do with our tap dancer dog?

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