Wednesday, July 26, 2006

CSA July 25

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This week was better. Corn(!), basil, a few baby carrots, green onions (and one smooshed baby purple one that I lost and then accidentally found it by stepping on it), slicing and pickling cukes, zukes, mixed greens, and an assortment of beets. And get more stir fry greens! Yay! I tried to use them, honest, I did. But they were just too tough and bitter.

Ruby and I had corn last night (the Hubby was working) and it was so lovely. Maybe I'll post the picture of it . I seriously gasped with happiness after I took the corn off the grill and peeled back the husk. The kernels were varying shades of yellow and cream. And it was mighty tasty too.

Mama's tomatoes are coming on and they are the BEST. I had one at dinner last night for tom/mozz salad and one today at lunch on a bagel.

'Nuff food talkies. I'll post about other stuff later.

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