Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ruby's looking out the window of our hoighty toighty hotel room. Yes, that's Hotel with an H, no motel for us this go round. We even had room service and it was quite yummy. Living the high life, I could get used to it. Ahh...

The hotel was by the capital building (as you can see in the picture) which is surrounded by a park. It was a nice place to stroll through. People walking their dogs after work, business folks taking a short cut through, and us, admiring the GIGANTIC palm trees. They were as tall as our 8th floor room--you almost fell over backwards trying to see the top.

Ruby was a dream to travel with--easy going and happy. Only a couple of times was there the request "go home? Kikonora?" I like how every time she talks about home, she automatically names the dogs, as a unit.

The zoo, while not a bust (the red panda was so dang cute), wasn't as fun as Fairytale Town. Here we are enjoying "The Cheese Stands Alone"--although as you can see the Little Cheese is accompanied by the Big Cheese. I loved this place almost as much as Ruby. Hubby was lucky enough to have come as a kid but this was my first time, since I didn't do my little kid time in the area. It was kitschy in a old-timey Disney way and really charming. I think we'll have to come back again, maybe in the fall.

And lastly, we have the 'dirty soldier', as Ruby likes to call him. He's actually a trash can, but rootin' tootin' cute. I can't wait for our next trip. Maybe Portland? Wow, I'm really dreaming big now.

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The Whole Self said...

sounds like fun- glad your little one with a fun one to travel with! that right there probably made the whole trip that much better.