Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So, taking the past week off due to sickness and taking a wee vacation has made me question this blogging thing. I spend so much time reading blogs, discovering blogs, commenting on blogs, planning new blogs...maybe I should rethink how much time I am spending on this. I will keep this blog for another month, see if it is doing its task of inspiring me or if it's just dragging me down into its bloggy boggy quagmire.

What did I expect to get out of blogging? I'm not really sure. I guess I felt like I wanted to join the club but once I did, I looked around the room and saw I was still the geeky wallflower. It has inspired me to think about creativity in my daily life but I may be able to get that without exposing my raggedy innards to the cyberworld and just enjoy everyone else's innards.

Anyway, we had a great trip minus the low-blood-sugar-near-miss-car-crash-panicky-overheated bit at the beginning. Ruby is a super traveling companion (as is my very sweet hubby). We are now looking forward to venturing out into the world more often. Photos at 11.

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The Whole Self said...

i total feel you on these blogemotions. i go through my ups and downs with blogging- loves and notsoloves. i think the important thing is just to do what you feel right doing, what makes you happy! i'm glad that i found you here regardless.